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Filled Sessions

Session 1

The Ever-changing World of Financial Services - Rhonda Taylor

Google Drive 101 - Kelly Tobin

Poverty Comes to the Classroom - Sue Mackey Andrews

ELA Proficiency Based Diploma Round Table - John Keane

Sign Language - Using the internet as a resource to learn it, understand it, and use it - Lenora Randall

Fake News How Prevalent is it? - Daniel Straine

Making Movies - David Murray and Jason Dean

Session 2

Pairing Fiction with Nonfiction and Popular Series - Beth Fuller

Poverty Comes to the Classroom - Sue Mackey Andrews

How to get the most out of your MEA benefits Insurance - Crystal Greaves

Environmental Education: Using STEM in the Outdoors - Dawna Blackstone

Getting Ready for Autism Awareness Month - Lindsey Carnes

Can't Get Thea from Heah - David Bridges

Assessing Students in a Proficiency Based Learning Environment - Matthew Drewette-Card

Session 3

K-2 Round Table Session - Heidi Hall

What's App? - An overview of all those Google Apps - Gayle Middleton

BREAK-out! - Charlotte Violette, Gail Burdin, Alden Gregory

Google Classroom - Jayne Sheltra

The Challenges We are Facing: Practices we are Doing - Sue Mackey Andrews

Teaching with Drones - Avery Thomas

Becoming a Critical Consumer of Formative Assessment Tools - Amanda Nguyen and Diana Doiron

The 5th Annual Moosehead Region Technology Conference

March 10, 2017
Piscataquis Community Secondary School
Guilford, Maine

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